Funchal City Race is an event that combines the discovery of the historical areas and the less explored places of the city of Funchal, with the adventure of an Orienteering race. Everyone, from any age, can enter with the option of competitive participation or simple leisure, along with family or friends.


In this first edition of 2018, this event is simultaneously the last stage for both the City Race Euro Tour and Portugal City Race leagues. Both are expected to be highly competitive until the final stage, where champions will be celebrated.

The City Race Euro Tour is an European Orienteering league that brings together 8 cities: Aveiro (Por), Merida (Spn), Ypres (Bel), London (UK), Rome (Ita), Manchester (UK), Girona (Spn) and Funchal (Por). This circuit aims to offer a tourist approach to Orienteering in European Cities. In 2017, an average of 500 participants entered in these events.

The Portugal City Race is the national league that joins 13 cities of Portugal. Funchal being the only event that will occur in the Portuguese Isles.