Entries for Funchal City Race

Entries are submitted online at the following link: Entries

Online and email entries ends 1st of december, 2019 for all classes.

Registration after November 25, 2019 will be increased by 2 euros and will not be entitled to any free gifts to be made available by the race organizers.

The registration of athletes not affiliated in the Portuguese Orienteering Federation can also be submitted by e-mail to: info@funchalcityrace.com

Information required to register by e-mail:
• Name(s) of participant(s);
• Date(s) of birth;
• Name of the Club ou individual;
• ID number or Passport number
• SI Card Number, if you have one. If not, the organizers will loan and assigned one.
• Stages in which to participate (Stage 1 – Sprint Funchal – Saturday; Stage 2 – Funchal City Race – Sunday)

The loss or non-return of the SI Card provided by the organization implies a payment of €30, €37 or €50 depending on the type of chip.

Last minute entries must be made at the event center.

Check the list of entries and confirm the information of your entry. All entries not included in the start list are subject to maps availability on the event day.

Participants wishing to form groups must send a single entry, with the information of all the members part of the group.

The participation of a group implies the use of one single SI Card, but all the members are entitled to take a map for that stage.

Note: For further information, you can contact the organization at: info@funchalcityrace.com 

Ranking Classes (individual)

Classe – Age at 31rd dec 2019

  • M/W 10 – 10 years or less
  • M/W 12 – 11 and 12 years
  • M/W 14 – 13 and 14 years
  • M/W 16 – 15 and 16 years
  • M/W 20 – 17, 18 years
  • M/W 21E/B – 18 or more years
  • M/W 35 – 35 or more years
  • M/W 45 – 45 or more years
  • M/W 55 – 55 or more years
  • M/W 65 – 65 or more years
  • M/W 75 – 75 or more years

 Note: Participants aged 12 or under must be accompanied by adult(s)

Open Classes

Open short – Open course to individuals or in groups, of any gender and age, interested in the initiation or leisure courses, technically easy and low physical difficulty, using paths and linear references. Courses with maximum 2km distance or maximum time of 40 minutes long.

Open middle – Open course to individuals or in groups, of any gender and age, interested in a course of easy technical difficulty and medium physical endurance. A walk with orienteering discerning the best spots of the terrain competition. Course within 1,5 to 3 km.

  • The participation of children under 10 in the open classes is only allowed when accompanied by an adult.
  • The registration of minors in open classes, unaccompanied by an adult, is only permitted with the express written permission of the parent/person in charge of the children.
  • The participation in the open courses is open to all, individually or in groups, of any age or gender.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are the same for each stage. The fees ​​presented are per stage and per participant.

FPO Affiliated Athletes * Price per stage
Age less than or equal to 20 years – €2
Age greater than 20 years – €3

Other participants – non-affiliated FPO * Price per stage

Age less than or equal to 20 years – €4
Age greater than 20 years – €6

Open classes *  Price per stage

Age less than or equal to 20 years – €3
Age greater than 20 years – €4

For residents in Portugal these fees include sports insurance.

** Entries for open classes are open until the day of the competition, however after the 1 december 2019 will be dependent on map availability.

Note: in open classes, in case of need of SI-Card there will be no extra charge for rental.

Other fees
– Changes on the day of the competition – 1€
– Si-Card rental for athletes in competition classes– 1€/day

Registration payments can be made on the days of the event at the secretariat.

Payment details

 Payment of registrations can be made by bank transfer (preferably) or directly at the Event Center in cash, with prior information confirming participation.

Information for payment by bank transfer:

Recipient’s Name: CAMadeira – Clube Aventura da Madeira
Bank:                    Millennium BCP
NIB:                       003300000004833716327
IBAN:                    PT50003300000004833716327

For all registrations paid by Bank Transfer is necessary to send proof of the transaction via email. It is essential that this document identifies what is being paid, therefore:

  • In Express subscriptions on the ORIOASIS platform, place the Express Code in the description of the confirmation;
  • For club payments, always state the name of the club in the description;
  • For partial payments, indicate in the comments the list of athletes, or send an email to the organization with the list and proof of payment attached.

Use the address info@funchalcityrace.com  for all mail related to entries.

Note: All expenses related to transfers must be borne by the payer.