General Information

Location / Signage

Venues of the event will be published in a timely manner in online maps, GPS coordinates on the Locations page of the website and on information available at the Event Center.

On the days of the event, if necessary, there will be additional signage (arrows with orange and white color) in the final accesses to the places to be indicated (secretariat, concentration).

There are several car parks near the concentration sites, which will be indicated on the page Locations on the event website.

It will work according to the time and locations to be indicated in the final program of the event. All participants should confirm attendance at the secretariat, where they must pick up the event bib and chip, if necessary, and can consult relevant warnings and information.

During the courses of the Funchal City Race Babysitting service will be made available in conditions to inform in a timely manner.

Control System

The Sportident control system will be used.

At the time of registration, participants carrying their own SI-card chip must indicate the number. If they do not, an SI-card will be assigned for each individual participation or group, to be picked up at the secretariat.

The SI-card loaned must be returned at the end of the last stage in which they participate, in the secretariat.

In the possibility that a participant does not complete the course, he/she must inform the organization and download his SI-Card in the secretariat.

In case of malfunction of the SI station, the existing reserved spaces on the map must be perforated.

Stage 1, Saturday, will explore an area of parks and gardens in the city of Funchal, in a Sprint discipline.

Stage 2, Sunday, will explore the downtown of Funchal, with medium distance urban routes. The details of the technical information will be published in a timely manner on the Technical Information page on the event website.

In competition classes, there will be no change in the start time on course days.
The Open classes have a defined start time, but participants will begin their race using a “START” station.

Athletes affiliated to the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO) and non-federated athletes but resident in Portugal or with Portuguese nationality are covered by the FPO insurance.

Course Areas

The areas of the courses will cover various parts of the city of Funchal, with streets, parks and gardens. Whenever possible the traffic will be conditioned, but most roads will not be closed to traffic. Participants in general should run/walk with caution, respecting the rules for using public roads.

Course Maps

All participants are responsible for confirming that the map corresponds to the route to which they are enrolled.

Group participants may take a map for each element of the group.

There will be no map collection at the end of the courses. The organization appeals to the Fair-Play of all participants.

Results and Awards

The results will be determined by stage and published in the secretariat and on the website of the event:

Prizes will be awarded to the top three of each competition class and gender, and for the open courses (individual or groups), in each of the stages of the Funchal City Race.
In the Elite class the first five will be distinguished in each stage.

In the Training class, a souvenir will be given to all participants, for each stage.

The age for defining classes and rates is the one that the participant will have as of December 31, 2018.