Training Camp

Collection of training maps

Location: Store “Dona Maria José”, Rua dos Barreiros, 30

Coordinates: 32.648418, -16.901958

The collection of training maps will be made in the store indicating the name in which the maps were reserved.

From Monday to Saturday between 10am and 8pm. Closed on Sundays.

The store “Dona Maria José” is located in the Old Quarter and only 4 minutes from the entrance of Funchal City Market, a true family business passed down for generations and with its own confection and sale of several typical Madeira sweets. Enjoy and indulge yourself!

Training Camp Funchal City Race

Training Camp from 2nd to 7th december 2018

Funchal is the largest urban center on the island of Madeira, but a few kilometers away there are several urban and forest areas for orienteering training and discovery of new territories, from sea to mountain.

We propose eight maps with marked checkpoints, for you to compose your own orienteering challenges. The forest area maps, Montado do Pereiro and Chão das Aboboreiras, will also have checkpoints marked on the ground, for an extra experience during your visit to Madeira Island.

The maps can be pre-ordered through the following form HERE, and can be picked up from December 2, 2018, in Funchal, at a place to be indicated or at the event desk. The payment must be made when the maps are collected.


Lido and Jardim Panorâmico

Training grounds on the sea front of Funchal, near the stages of the Funchal City Race.

Câmara de Lobos

A picturesque urban network of small town with fishing tradition, for an orienteering discovery of numerous opportunities to taste traditional gastronomy and exotic drinks like the “Poncha”!

Ponta Delgada

In the municipality of São Vicente, a small rural village situated at the base of a forest-filled mountain and with the Atlantic Ocean so close, it has a network of paths through the vineyards that provide a challenge of orienteering when discovering the north of the island.


Agricultural land in the municipality of Porto Moniz, with small beaches and mountain, in a unique environment, from farming fields, crystalline sea waters and the Laurissilva forest, World Natural Heritage!

Santa Cruz

The first town you see on arrival by plane to the island of Madeira, just leaving the airport you can begin the preparation for the Funchal City Race 2018!

Porto Moniz

The most famous town to the north of the island, with its natural swimming pools and countless possibilities for trying traditional gastronomy.

Montado do Pereiro

Forest area in ​​the municipality of Santa Cruz, with diversity of native and exotic flora, medium to high positive climb, reasonable network of paths, dense vegetation and forest joined for a challenging map, 17km from Funchal.

Chão das Aboboreiras

Also in the municipality of Santa Cruz, a forest area that alternates open areas with patches of dense vegetation, with medium positive climb and a few water lines, for a medium distance challenge, 25km from Funchal.