General Information

The Funchal City Race is an event that promotes sport in the city, through the adventure of an orienteering race. Everyone can participate, individually, with family or friends, the challenge of the 2023 edition is to explore new urban areas in the city of Funchal to practice Orienteering.

Scope and Organization

The Funchal City Race is an organization of the Clube Aventura da Madeira within the scope of the activities of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the RAM Orienteering Association, being eligible for the Madeira Urban Orienteering Cup 2023. The event takes place in the morning of the day November 19, 2023, in the city of Funchal.

Orienteering Sport

The Pedestrian Orientation test consists of completing an itinerary based on crossing points, previously defined on the map that the participant receives at the start and will choose the best option between each crossing/control point, with the route between points being free, until completing the number of checkpoints established on your map, in ascending order, in the shortest possible time.

Participation Classes/Courses

Competition Classes (individual)

Age at the end of the sports season (December 31st)

10 years and under – H/D10

11 and 12 years old – H/D12

13 and 14 years old – H/D14

15 and 16 years old – H/D16

17/18 years old – H/D18

21years or more – HE/DE

18 years or more H/D21B

35 years or more H/D35

45 years or more H/D45

55 years or more H/D55

65 years or more – HD65

75 years or more – HD75

Open Courses

Easy Open – Route open to individuals or groups, of any gender and age, interested in initiation or leisure, with low technical and physical difficulty, based on paths and other linear elements. Distance up to 2.5 km or expected execution time of less than 40 minutes.

Medium Open – Course open to individuals or groups, of any gender and age, with low technical difficulty and medium physical demand. A guided tour to discover the best places on the race grounds. Distance from 2 to 4km

* Note: Participants aged 10 or under, and those older than those without autonomy, must be accompanied by an adult(s).


Federated registrations are submitted online via the system

Registrations from interested parties who are not federated in the Portuguese Orienteering Federation can be submitted by email to the address:

Online and email registrations close on November 13, 2023, for all levels.

Registrations after November 13, 2023 are subject to an increase of 1 to 2 euros as described in the registration fees and are dependent on the availability of maps and confirmation from the organization.

The organization will produce an event t-shirt that costs 4 euros. Interested parties must express their interest in purchasing the T-Shirt at the time of registration (in the system, selecting the extra item or indicating by email, mentioning the desired size 12 or 16 years, xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl).

Data required to register by email:

– Name(s) of participant(s);

– Date(s) of birth;

– Entity that represents or individual;

– NIF number (if federated, send the FPO number)

– SI Card timing chip number, if you have one. If you don’t have one, you will be loaned and assigned one.

Loss or non-return of the SI Card provided by the organization will result in payment of €30, €37 or €50 depending on the chip version.

Last-minute registrations are made at the race secretariat, up to 30 minutes before the start of the race and depend on the availability of maps.

Consult the list of registrants and confirm your registration details. All registrations that do not appear on the list of departures are subject to the availability of maps on the day of the race.

Participants wishing to form groups must send a single registration, with the details of all the participants that make up the group.

Group participation uses only one SI Card.

Note: If you have any questions, you can contact the organization at:

Registration Fees

Individual courses (competition and learning classes)

Federated FPO

Less than or equal to 20 years old – 2 Euros

Over 20 years old – 3 Euros

Non-Federated FPO

Less than or equal to 20 years old – 4 Euros

Over 20 years old – 6 Euros

Note: on individual routes, acceptance of registrations after November 13th depends on confirmation and there will be an increase of up to 2 euros per registration.

Open Courses

Federated FPO

Less than or equal to 20 years old – 2 Euros

Over 20 years old – 3 Euros


Less than or equal to 20 years old – 3 Euros

Over 20 years old – 4 Euros

The age to be considered when defining the categories and fees is the age of the participant on December 31, 2023.

Fees include sports insurance for residents in Portugal.

Registration for open classes can be made up to the day of the test, however, from November 13, 2023 onwards, they will depend on the maps available.

Note: In open categories, if you need a SI-Card chip, you will not be charged an extra amount for the loan.

Other taxes

  • Changes to the day of the event – €1
  • SI-Card rental for federated athletes in competition levels – €1/day

Payment information

Payment for registrations can be made by bank transfer (preferably) or directly at the Secretariat in cash, upon prior information confirming participation.

For all registrations paid by Bank Transfer, proof of the transaction must be sent via email. It is essential that this proof allows you to identify who the payment is intended for, therefore:

– For Express registrations on the ORIOASIS platform, include the Express Code in the confirmation description;

– For club payments, always indicate the name of the club in the description;

– For partial payments, indicate the list of athletes in the comments, or send an email to the organization with the list and proof attached.

– Use the address for all emails related to registrations.

Note: All costs inherent to transfers must be borne by the payer.

Specific Rules Competition Area

In the test area there are roads with car traffic, which will not be interrupted. Participants must circulate in areas designated for pedestrians, must take car traffic into account and take the necessary precautions when crossing any road. All participants must consult the warnings and technical information.

Control System

The Sportident control system will be used

When registering, participants with their own SI-card chip must indicate the number. If they do not have one, an SI-card will be awarded for each individual or group participation, to be collected at the secretariat.

The borrowed SI-card must be returned at the end of the last stage in which they participate, in the IT/secretariat.

In the event that a participant does not complete the route, they must notify the organization and download their SI-Card at the IT/secretariat;

In the event of a malfunction at the SI station, existing reserves must be marked off on the map.


The 4th Edition of the Funchal City Race consists of a single stage, of medium urban distance.


At competition levels, there will be no changes to the starting time on the day of the race. If the organization understands, it may use a match system with a start system for all participants

Matches are 1 to 6 minutes apart at competition levels. Orienteers must pay attention to their starting time.

At the start, orienteers must go through three consecutive sections. When the start clock indicates the orienteer’s starting time, he or she must enter the first section. This will take place 3 minutes before departure. There, the name and bib will be confirmed (the bib must be worn in front and cannot be folded or covered up). The absence of bib will prevent the orienteer from starting. Attention, the breastplate is mandatory!

The breastplates must be placed in front. All bibs given to non-federated participants, as well as rented SI Cards, must be returned to the Organization at the end of the competition.

In the second section, the chip number is checked.

In the third (last) section, the athlete goes to the box that contains the map of their division, removes the signage and waits next to the box with their map until the starting time.

At the time of the start, the orienteer takes the map out of the box (each athlete is responsible for taking the map and confirming that it corresponds to their category) and follows the tapes that mark the route to the starting triangle (indicated on the ground by a marker without perforator and on the map by a triangle).

Orienteers who arrive late at the start will be immediately identified and will leave as soon as the organization indicates. These will not receive a new departure time.

The route is marked from the starting line (reception of the map and start of the race) to the triangle marked on the map and materialized on the ground by a marker without code or control station. Orienteers must progress a maximum distance of 10 m from the marker, under penalty of disqualification.


Athletes federated in the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO) and non-federated athletes are covered by FPO personal accident insurance.

In the event of an accident during a sporting activity, the injured party will have to notify the event organizers or the FPO, so that the necessary procedures can be taken to activate the insurance coverage, and the insurance activation must occur within 8 days following the accident. Activating the insurance requires the victim to pay a deductible of 45 euros.

Personal accident policies that cover athletes participating in events are reimbursement, meaning that the injured party must pay all expenses presented to them, requesting the respective proof (receipt, invoice/receipt, simplified invoice, etc.) in their name to later present them to the insurance company to be reimbursed for the amounts paid. Anything that exceeds the risk covered by sports insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

The organization is covered by civil liability insurance within the scope of approved organizations in the FPO calendar.

Competition Area – Specific Rules

The test area consists of streets, parks and gardens. There are some roads with car traffic, which will not be closed to traffic. Participants in general must travel with caution, taking special care at crossings, respecting the rules for using public roads for pedestrians.

Event Map

All participants are responsible for confirming that the map corresponds to the route they are registered for.

Group participants take a map for each member of the group.

There will be no collection of maps at the end of the routes. Fair-Play is appealed to all participants.

Results and Prizes

The results will be determined by the time obtained in the single stage of the 4th Edition of the Funchal City Race and ordered by category for the purpose of awarding prizes. The results will be published at the secretariat and on the event website

Distinctions will be awarded to the first three classified in the competition levels, in both genders, and by open route (individuals or groups). In the Training levels, a souvenir will be awarded to all participants.

Image Rights

Registration for the event and the consequent acceptance of these regulations implies the participant’s authorization to record images resulting from their participation in the event, which the organization may use to publicize and promote the event on any medium. In this way, the participant grants the organization all image rights relating to the use of these records.

The use of the event image, as well as any project for commercial purposes that uses images from this event, requires prior authorization from the organization.

Registration and image data – Data protection

Registration and participation in the event implies the participant’s authorization that the organization may use the data associated with the publication of the results and any image support captured during participation, for the exclusive purposes of advertising the event. Data may also be provided for insurance or security/medical care purposes. Any communication regarding data from interested parties should be addressed to:

Missing cases

The Funchal City Race event is part of the calendar of activities of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the R.A.M. Orienteering Association. All omissions will be decided by the Race Director in conjunction with the Competition Regulations of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation in force.